Friday, 14 November 2008

Shoestring Inspiration

I was asked this week by the venerable Stephen Waddington to continue a meme passed on to him by Ged Carrol on what inspires him to keep up his blog posts.

I have to say I feel in part this tag was itself inspired by a quick look at my shabby old blog which hasn’t been updated for a while so first and foremost let me apologize...

So inspiration....I think the main one has to be what other people are writing on the blogs I read. I Really enjoy reading the thoughts of others on industry issues – Becky’s, Stephen’s, Chris’s, Drew’s and of course the boss’ blogs all ones I enjoy reading regularly and where I can find something mildly intelligent to add to the debate I will – only problem recently is that I’ve been doing too much reading and not enough responding...

Looking back through this blog since I started it – I guess the other main inspirations have come from the various forms of websites I’m reading on a day to day basis whether it be the trials and tribulations of Tottenham on white hart pain or music and gigs on sites like NME. Aside from that it’s really the events that I go to and the people I meet at them.

I guess one of the main problems I have found with this particular blog and why it has therefore been so neglected has been the lack of personal experiences I’ve been able to put into it...

I therefore have recently started a side project called Shoestring Spirit borne out of jottings and that dreaded word ‘poems’ I’ve put together since my spotty teenage years – it’s refreshing to get feedback from and meet other people online outside of the traditional ‘tech PR blog world’ and in a way it gives me inspiration to keep blogging in another realm outside of the professional – and get people to see some of these thoughts which (while often rubbish) would otherwise be left stewing in a dusty desk draw.

I’ll pass this little meme onto Drew, Becky and Ben

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