Monday, 16 June 2008

Toe Jam

This video is odd to say the least but the song is awesome....never heard of The BPA but cant stop listening to this song!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

California Love

So the bags arent quite packed but the countdown has begun for my Californian Oddesy...which loosely translates as me and my girlfriend pootling down the Californian coast in an old red VW Rell Sun

In preparation, and to get my mood out of the drab June clouds that seem to persistently hang above us I have begun preparing my 'Cali Playlist' - come on any roadtrip needs good music...check out what I have so far...anyone have any tips?

1. California - Phantom Planet (hate the OC and wont be even going there but feel it sets the mood)

2. California Dreamin - Mammas & The Papas (this holiday was booked in November - so there has been lots of dreamin not so much doin but hope that changes soon)

3. No Rain - Blind Melon (well fingers crossed - plus awesome tune!)

4. California Love - 2pac & Dr Dre (one for my homies in Brugges)

5. Surf Wax America - Weezer (song just makes me happy)

6. California Waiting - Kings Of Leon (again lots of waiting, now time for doing)

7. In the Summertime - Mungo Jerry (have a drink have a drive see what you can find...most likely a car accident)

8. Hotel California - The Gypsy Kings (spanish for that added summer vibe and remenicent of Big lebowski_

9. Going To California - Led Zeppelin (dont really know what these lyrics are about but title is pretty self explanetory)

10. In My Hour Of Darkeness - Gram Parsons (just because Gram is the man!)

In the meantime I'll try to honour any requests for pressies when I get back...oh yeah and if you know of any places I should go then let me know...

how awesome is this number plate...I can allmost smell the cheese!