Monday, 1 June 2009


As we enter the final fortnight of The Apprentice, I came across this amazing homage by Cassetteboy which I thought I'd share - pure genius....

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Response Sauce

Below reads a response source from Jeff Maysh at Loaded - possibly one of the funniest I've received in my PR career - had to put it up here.
Thanks Jeff, you certainly brightened up my day....I need to get into Film PR....

MEDIA OUTLET: Loaded Magazine (editorial request) MEDIA TYPE: Consumer Press

JOURNALIST: Jeff Maysh (staff)

DEADLINE: 03-February-2009 16:00

QUERY: This is a tricky response source to write.

I hope someone can help me out. Sometime between September and October 2008 I visited the film set of the latest British horror flick, 'Doghouse'. It stars Danny Dyer, which is where the problems started, and also Stephen Graham.

It was my job to go on set and interview the stars and get some photos taken with the blood and guts and stuff. Which I did, but like most of the cast, I'd had a pretty big night the evening before and they werent really up for talking. In fact one actor took my photo using his iPhone and threatened to kill me if I wrote him up badly.

Then I got in trouble for nicking a script, which was just laying around and I thought it was free for all to take. They were worried I'd know the secret ending of the film and blow the wrong they were, because I cannot remember a fucking thing from after the set bar opened at 11am selling Guiness for a pound a pint.

The film was in Surrey somewhere, I think, I was picked up in a minibus. I remember the PR bringing a cardboard box full of lager. I remember the film seemed REALLY GOOD and the trailer made it look amazing. I have a dictaphone full of interviews, some of them cohesive. I think this will make an excellent feature in Loaded.

I've rung the production company, Carnaby International, who claim they dont have a press dept, and Sony, who Carnaby say are releasing the film (Sony havent heard of it).

I'm almost certain this whole episode wasnt all in my imagination, but as I said...I had endured a VERY big night.

If anyone was on set with me, or if this sounds at all familiar, drop me a line,


ps. I have recently given up booze.