Saturday, 24 May 2008

Eurovision Baby!

So its that time of year again..Eurovision Baby! Time for Terry Wogan to slowly get sloshed as a bunch of Bulgarians don their get up gear from a 70's Saturday night out and dance around to something out of time much more distant....

They seem to enjoy it and I guess I miss it a little...Eurovision was a pillar of my childhood - it was a Malcolm family pastime be gathered around the tv every May with my sister and I armed with scorecards seeing if our superior judgement of European musical culture matched up that of the mysterious European judges...I remember being particularly enamoured by Sonia's entry in 1993 and incredulous that she didnt win...beaten by Italy's Enrico Ruggeri amongst others and where are they now eh??!

With the changes to the voting system and the fraternal bond of dressing up and shouting that seems bond former foes in the Eastern bloc...added with the fact I guess that I am no longer 10 the competition has lost a bit of it's magic and sadly I wont be watching tonight...although the temptation to hop on a train back to Kent, whip out a scorecard, add subtitles (which have english translation dont you know) and debate with my mum on the merits of Azerbijan's entry are tempting....oh well there is always Sky+

However I havent totally missed out on the magic...we are having a sweepstake at work and in Nico and Vlad Mirita's entry from Romania (beautifully titled'Pe-o Mangine De Lume'...any Romanian speakers in the room?) I think I have a winner...although the fact that they are first up and their odds suggest i may not b so lucky...oh well for one night only Go Romania (come on its not as if UK is going to get any votes)!! As Sonia once said..It's better the devil you know!

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