Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Whoa!! What's Wrong with a Tweet?

It was interesting to read the mini debate that has developed over the past couple of days around 'twitter etiquette'; when to tweet and when not to.

I agree to a certain extent with Sally Whittle's comments that it's good to take a break from twitter and actually enjoy your boiled eggs than talking about them - I've had enough scolds from my flatmates and my girlfriend, questioning why I am on my BlackBerry on a Sunday talking about something as inane as ironing....

However in many ways for me that is the whole point with twitter. Like anything you do online - it's about (and excuse me for the crass term) but self expression. The fact that I'm ironing on a Sunday night is probably just as much a shared experience (if be it a crap one) for people who follow me on twitter as the fact that the Russians have invaded South Ossetia which before last Friday I had never heard of and had no reason to.

Since I was introduced to twitter by my old boss and all round digital media legend Drew Benvie, my living room has been transformed into one of epic proportions - enabling me to share my thoughts with Becky McMichael on Anelka's penalty taking ability and asking Daljit Bhurji whether Raif should have stayed in the Apprentice....if you're not interested - I perfectly understand - just dont follow me....

What I've enjoyed most from people's posts whether they be about the fact we are about to witness a new world war, or the fact they want to go to nando's soon is that it gives away little snippets of their personalities & has encouraged me to make new friends through things like team twitter and the Harvest Twestival which it would be great to see you all at.

So please keep twitter fun (and I'll try not to be so trigger happy with twhirl) as the old sage of social media, Will McInnes says, "I have truly formed and developed real relationships with lovely, interesting people I haven't yet or may never meet in the real world - in that respect it's much more like a forum than a Facebook"

oh...and thanks again to Wadds for directing me to this debate...guess how I found out about it? yep - you guessed it through twitter

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Wadds Tech PR Blog said...

Neat post Tom.

You're on my list of lovely, interesting people I haven't yet, but hope to meet in due course.

Love the Harvest Twestival idea. I'm in.